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Location: Edinburgh, Scotland, UK - Region 20

The USS Alba is the only Scottish based chapter within STARFLEET International. Our members are located all over Scotland as well as England, Germany and the USA! The former First Minister of Scotland, Alex Salmond and UK TV celebrity Lorraine Kelly are also members! The Alba crew all work together to enjoy Star Trek and to work on real life projects including activities such as designing comm badges and giving First Aid presentations. We also enjoy making the most of our fictional ship and run regular role play games such as security exercises and battle drills!
 Should you wish to join the Alba you will be made very welcome and as a new member it is important that you set your level of interaction with the group. There is no obligation or expectation to take part in events or dress up in uniforms etc. (unless you want to!), we just want our members to feel comfortable and have fun on the Alba!
We look forward to welcoming you on board!

Live long and prosper.

FCAPT Scott Peter 
Commanding Officer

FCPT Scott Peter
Commanding Officer
CAPT Eilidh Montgomery
First Officer/Chief Science Officer
LCDR Ian Struthers
Second Officer/Quartermaster
Diplomatic Services
CMDR The Right Honourable Alex Salmond MP, MSP
Federation Ambassador
LT Rob Marshall
Chief of Diplomatic Services/Long-Term Command Hologram
LCDR Tony Burr
Head of Cwantum Physics
LT George Sheldon
Chief Meteoroligist
PO3 Laura Gilbert
Asst Chief Science Officer
CRM Kim Smedley-Williams
Science Officer - Crewman 1st Class
CRM Niki Vielma
Science Officer
CRM Bryan Gillson
Science Officer
CRR Codey Blakey
Assistant Chief Meteorologist
LCDR Kevin McNeillie-Welsh
Chief Tactical Officer
LT Margaret Sivewright
Captain's Yeoman
ENS Robert Byng
Computer Operations Officer
ENS Georgina Merry
Operations Officer
MCPO Alison Stell
Chief of Computer Operations
CMDR John Brogan
Chief Security Officer
LTJG Tom Bainbridge
Security Officer/Special Ops
ENS Alan Burnett
Security Officer
ENS Fraser Burns
Security Officer
PFC Iain Vielma
Security Officer/Special Ops
LT Sandy McNeillie-Welsh
Ship's Counsellor
LT Martin Strang
Chief Medical Officer
LTJG Iain Alexander McKinnon-Waddell
Head of Intensive Care Nursing
ENS Karen Welsh
Field Medic
CPO Franziska Jackel
Head of Nursing/Asst Chief Medical Officer
PO2 David Beveridge
Emergency Medical Hologram
CRM Carol Paul
Medical Technician
CMDR Lorraine Kelly
LTJG Walter Smart
Assistant Chief Engineer
CPO Neil Daniel
Chief Engineer
Ship's Services
CRM Jean Thompson
Crewman 1st Class
CRM Christina Strauch
Crewman 1st Class
CRM Nikki Low
CRM Ross Alexander McKinnon-Waddell
CRM Scott Sutton
CRM Karen Dickson
CRM Levi Daniel
CRM Andrew Daniel
CRM Kevin "Saul Tigh" Tyler
CRR Lynn Cowan
ENS James Drysdale