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Location: Colorado Springs, CO - Region 17

The USS Zebulon Pike is a Colorado Springs chapter of STARFLEET International.

We are lovers of Star Trek, Star Wars, Doctor Who, Firefly, and pretty much everything else sci-fi. We enjoy getting together and spending time with each other over movies and pizza, or out bowling. Here are some of the events we do:

  • Movies
  • Star Trek Shows
  • Eating Out
  • Bowling
  • Sporting Events
  • Gun Safety Training
  • Board/Card Games

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Upcoming Events

To see what events we have coming up, check out our Calendar of Events.

CAPT Jon Zenor
Commanding Officer
CMDR Mike McGraw
First Officer
LCDR David Schlis
CRR Lynda Cink
CRA Yvette Rose
Chief of Communications
CDT1 Joseph Rose
CRR Jay Christian
CRR Dane Fauson
CRM Tye Smith
Chief of Operations
CRA Mary Schoelkopf
LCDR Jonathan Evans
REC Becca Chavez
CDT1 Matthew Rose
LCDR Lena Johnson
Chief Science Officer
PO3 Danae Zenor
CRA Carla Anderson
CRR Liz Williams
CRR Jennifer "Jenn" Brashears
CDT1 Malikai Zenor
CMDR Monika Reinholz
LCDR Leia Haas
CRA James Jenkins
CRA T'Chris Gardner
Emergency Morale Hologram
CRR Daniel Fauson
CRR Rachel Wilkerson
CRR Linda Johnson
CRM Larry "Sarge" Anderson
Chief of Security
CRR Joe Slater
REC Mary Schmiechen
CRA Daine Shepard
CRR Gary Green
REC Corwin "Corbin" Dallas
REC Sydney Dallas
REC Tammie Mills
PO3 David Gilmore
PO3 Joe Scholer
PO3 Tim Baptist
CRA Lara Polniak
REC Rosemary Guthrie
REC Gin Corso
REC James Caretto
REC Tony Caretto
REC Michael Rook
REC Brian Swanson
REC Robert Stempsun
REC Megan Callahan